MEGACITY produces wide range of casting meeting specific requirement of each customer,which could be either standard requirement or tailor made requirement for specific needs. MEGACITY specializes in casting required for water Management and Waste water management covering various areas for Sewerage, Strom Water , Soil and Rain pipelines and covers of large sizes to protect equipment like valves, Fire Hydrant, Optical Fibre, Telephone lines, Pumps etc. to name few. Our catalog displays only few of the standard items which are often required suggesting only illustrative range of product but not exhaustive. Our product range includes various types of Manhole covers, Gratings, Heavy Duty Recessed Pump station covers, Heavy duty and Light duty Reccessed covers, Fire Hydrant, Valve boxes, Water meter covers, Toby Boxes, Cess pits, Step Iron, gratings C.I.Rails and other castings as per Buyer’s requirements.

1) Manhole Covers

Our products are compliant to various taylor made requirements. Our metallurgy is based on IS, BS-497176, BS-EN-124, DIN and ASTM. Features of manhole covers are double and single triangular cover, single seal and double seal cover, plain seated cover, pressure tight cover, recessed cover, ventilated cover, slide out cover, safety guard cover and meter reinforced cover, hood type cover.

Manhole Frames

Iron Manhole Cover

Water Tight Manhole Cover

Double Triangular Manhole Cover

Tank Cover

Sewer Cover

Recessed Cover

2) Grating & Kerb Gullies

It must be remembered that the efficiency of a drainage depends not only upon the water way of the grating profile and the intermediate passage way but also upon the size/ design of the outlet. As with manhole covers, those gratings that will be subjected to fast moving heavy traffic should be of non-rocking design.

Iron Gratings

Light Gratings

Sewage Grating

Square Gratings

Channel Gratings

Channel Gratings With Surface Box

Catch Basin

Kerb Gullies

3) Water Engineering & Telecom

Surface boxes are installed over a valve chamber and offered in grey iron in accordance with BS. Minimum clear opening sizes 100mm, 135mm, 225mm and 300mm are included in the grade. A heavy duty category where units may be hinged, must incorporate a non rock design of size 225mm & 330mm.

Entry Cesspit

Hydrant Cover

Channel Grating

Ductile Iron Box

4) Valve Box & Pipe Fittings

We manufacture valve boxes that provides for an easy solution to managing water supplies and systems within cities. Our valve boxes have greater flexibility with regards to adjust large number of pipes within the valve box. Our valve boxes have reduced installation time enhancing speed of operation and effectiveness.

Valve Box

Round Valve Box

Rectangular Valve Box

Surface Box Valve

Cast Iron Valves

Ductile Iron Valves

Pipe Fittings

5) Main Hole Accessories

We manufacture miscellaneous other items also like cast iron hood, uvx etc. These miscellaneous products are also easy to install and are made using premium quality raw materials. Our miscellaneous products find wide usage in different industries and are also sturdy as well as durable.

Lifting Keys & Hooks

Iron Manhole Cover

Cast Iron Hood

UVX Manhole Cover

6) Industrial Pipes

We are manufacturing, exporting and supplying of socket soils, waste and vantilating pipes and fitting accessories.

Socket Soil

Fitting & Accessorise

Waste And Ventilating Pipes

7) Contrifugally Cast(Spum) iron Pressure Pipes

Manufacturer and exporter of contrifugally cast(spum) iron pressure pipes- iron spigot and iron pipes.

Iron Spigot

8) Bolders

Manufacturer and exporter of Bolders.

9) Counter Weight

Manufacturer and exporter of Counter Weight.

10) SS Floor Fittings

Manufacturer and exporter of SS Floor Fittings.

11) Valve Box, Service Box & Meter Box

Manufacturer and exporter of Valve, Service & Meter Box.

12) Cast Iron Agricultural Article

Manufacturer and exporter of Cast Iron Agricultural Article.